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How To Start Your Business Without Money Or Experience?

Your Business Without Money Or Experience?

In 2017, is it still possible to seize the opportunities that are available to us to dare to launch its box? Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to switch from idea to business in a short period of time."But most never start because it creates a risk to take. The importance

Ecommerce: What Are Good Conversion Practices?


With the increase in acquisition costs and competition, optimizing conversion rates is a priority for companies where how to do better with less. In the absence of increasing traffic, the A / B testing should allow to increase the conversion rate without increasing traffic. The A / B testing provides results

Auto-Entrepreneurs: CA Ceiling To Double In 2018

Auto-Entrepreneurs: Ceiling To Double In 2018

In 2018 this ceiling will double: - EUR 165 600 for the trade and supply of housing. - 66,200 euros for services and liberal professions. Consequences of the excess turnover: two implications for the auto entrepreneur: the first in terms of taxation: - The self-employed entrepreneur sees his option for the micro-enterprise tax system disappear retroactively