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What New Payment Methods Are In Advance Of Shopping?


Almost one or two Belgians took as Febelfin regularly the map above to pay, and will do so in the run up to the holidays. T. Kearney expects the proportion of non-cash transactions in Europe to continue to reach 40% by 2020 (30% today), and that up to 20% of non-cash transactions will take

Brand Depot: The 7 Steps To Follow

Brand Depot:

In France, intellectual and industrial property law is regulated by INPI. This institute is responsible for identifying all trademarks, patents, and providing tools and support for creators. In this sense, it is the preferred interlocutor for trademark filing procedures . You have a brand idea and wish to file it,

Why Do 77% Of Self-Firms No Longer Exist After 5 Years?

77% Of Self-Firms No Longer Exist After 5 Years?

A study by INSEE released on September 19th that of the 360,000 micro-enterprises launched in 2010, only 77% remained perennial. Of the 100 self-employed entrepreneurs registered in the first half of 2010, 38 were never active and were subsequently canceled. And out of the 62 who started an activity, only