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3 ideas of decorative pockets for the home

3 ideas of decorative pockets for the home

As you are a real head in the air, you often forget the place where you put the keys of your car. Combine business with pleasure with one of these 3 empty-pocket ideas that also serve as decorative items. Many more are also to discover on Pinterest !

Storage tray

Put a keychain on his keychain will unfortunately not be enough to find his keys easily. The best solution is to invest in an empty-pocket. Usually hollow in shape, this container can accommodate all trinkets and small items bulky for our pockets, but we are very useful in everyday life.

Moreover, its use is not only reserved for keys, but also for subway tickets, small change … Ceramic, resin or braided rush, raffia, metal, enamelled terracotta, or bamboo … There is something for every taste.

Moreover, to our delight, designers do not hesitate to compete with creativity to make this accessory both modern and decorative. Otherwise, nothing prevents you from recycling your old glass ashtrays.

Wall pocket

Your entrance is too small to accommodate a side table. An empty-pocket to ask will find no place there. On the other hand, a wall model remains an excellent alternative. Very handy for having handy sunglasses and mobile phones, this storage system will bring the touch of decoration “in” that was missing in your hall.

Here too the possibilities are endless. However, the craze today is to signed models of famous designers such as the Uten.Silo paperback signed Dorothée Becker, the wife of Ingo Maurer. These wall pockets are distinguished by their lockers of different sizes placed on their hooks. Otherwise, always in the same spirit, the boxes are sometimes magnetized and are fixed on plates.

Otherwise, the more manual of you will be tempted by the wall-mounted wallpockets homemade. The video tutorials on this theme are not lacking on You Tube. What’s more, in the entrance of the house, you can leave completely free course to your imagination. All colors and patterns are indeed allowed from the moment you respect the style of places.

Pocket mirror

But difficult not to talk about empty-pocket mirrors as far as they are simply the big trends of the moment. True innovations, these wall storage devices do not find their place in the entrances, but also in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Apart from his keys and sunglasses, his lipstick, eyelashes and mascara can also be left behind. But also his jewels. Nevertheless, the main interest of this accessory is the sobriety of its forms and its finish.

Not to mention their great elegance, since these models are usually made from solid woods of European origin such as beech or oak. That’s why, wall-mounted or floor-standing, pocket-sized mirrors are perfect for Scandinavian style decor. Privilege the articles made in France.