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4 Tips To Boosting Sales For You eCommerce Shop

4 Tips To Boosting Sales For You eCommerce Shop

Running an eCommerce shop can be one of the most competitive online businesses out there. With so many different companies all after the same customers, it can be tough to find your lane. However, with some solid research and the right approach, there are a few little things you can do to begin boosting sales immediately. And luckily for you, I’m going to walk you through some I’ve seen as good starting points. Check them out below:

Specialize in Niche Products 

While every eCommerce shop wants to maximize their sales, sometimes the name of the game is quality over quantity. And if you’re looking to tackle a specialty shop, then going after a specific marketing group is your best bet. In fact, according to Niche Hacks, some industries can be worth up to $26 billion alone, which if you find the right group, then tapping into a fraction of that could be a cinch.

Whether it be custom flags or intricate dolls, pick a niche community that you feel worth contributing to. As this is something you’re going to have to study consistently and keep up with, it should be a hobby you’re impassioned over and feel as though you want to help grow. While going after a niche can be lucrative, it also is going to require some dedication and persistence.

Think of Items That Can Be Packaged Together 

Another great strategy to getting more sales out of your eCommerce store is packaging items together to sell in bulk. Think of this as completing a kit, something that can be sold at a lower rate than buying separately from a specialty store. Because although you might not have as wide of a selection, by being able to bring together a range of goods into one price, you’ll see much better numbers on your sales.

An excellent example of this is with camping. As noted by QZ, with over 40 million people going camping in the US each year, this is one specialty market that’s widely untapped. While yes, stores like REI or Dick’s have camping gear, where you’ll be able to pick and choose on what you can put together to help a customer save. Things like finding cooktop stoves for a great deal, while tents are still at a competitive rate. All-in-all, the goal is to bring down the price on the big-ticket items in combination with competitive rates for smaller accessories. And while it might take some time to find the right distributors, this is one strategy that will boost sales in no time.  

Don’t Forget About SEO 

If there’s one thing a lot of eCommerce shops sleep on, it has to be SEO. This is one practice that absolutely reigns supreme over gaining more traffic to your store, and should be a marketing technique you implement more often. In fact, according to HubSpot, 81 percent of online shoppers do their research before making a purchase, and if you want to get in front of them, then SEO is a must.

Take a look at your current eCommerce platform and see if it has any SEO features that help with discovery. These are the search terms that people used to find your site, for example, if I was looking for “black Chelsea boots” and googled that term. Generally, platforms like Shopify or Bigcommerce have SEO platforms you could play with, which will help you hone in on the specific products you’re selling the most of and why. While it’s a practice that might take some getting used to conducting regularly, SEO will increase quality traffic, and thus, convert sales.

Stay Social 

Finally, one of the biggest ways to bring new customers to your store is via social media. Not only is this a promotional channel but one to handle service requests and inquiries in as well, which as a publically facing company, can work wonders for your brand. Because as noted by DreamGrow, with 71 percent of customers reporting that a positive interaction with a brand on social media leads to a referral to their friends, this is one medium you should be keeping yourself on regularly.

Make it a habit of outlining your social media strategy, as well as what your goals are per each platform. Additionally, it might not be a bad idea to draft a calendar of when and what to post, as this will keep you on track with what’s been most successful. And finally, as this is your brand, always have fun with social, as it’s way to connect with your fans on a one-on-one basis.

What are some ways you’ve been able to boost sales for your eCommerce shop? Comment with your insights below!

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