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5 Penis Problems: What Are They and Their Treatment?

5 Penis Problems: What Are They and Their Treatment

Sometimes man experiences the penis problem that makes him embarrassed and helpless at the same time. Every couple wants the best from each other but sometimes due to penis problems it doesn’t happen and the result is a broken relationship. There are various penis problems but it doesn’t mean they are permanent there are many of the treatments and solutions available.

Erectile Dysfunction– Because of physical or the psychological factors this disease occurs in men where they don’t have the proper erection which leaves them unsatisfied in bed. Penile trauma, medical conditions or the medication anyone of the reason can be there for the ED. There are various treatments options like Viagra which is easily available in the local as well as online stores. For the additional discounts, one can have the benefits of the Viagra coupons in some online pharmacies. The penile implant can be the other option in case of severity. It is important to deal with the root cause of this disease to treat it well.

Penile Discharge– Bacteria, virus, and yeast which infiltrate the urethra cause the inflammation and discharge. There can be thick, funky or the bloody discharge. The main cause of these inflammations is the sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea, mycoplasma, and ureaplasma. The proper medical checkup and diagnosis required. Medication and prevention is the best way to get rid of this inflammation and discharge.

Premature Ejaculation– Many of the men have this problem where they have the premature ejaculation that is opposite of the delayed ejaculation. This sometimes happens after the immediate penetration or minimal penetration. Oral medication, Sexual therapy and the psychotherapy are the treatment options that can be picked to treat this issue.

Delayed Ejaculation– Men have the delayed ejaculation because of many reasons like stress, depression, UTI, medication, damage to the nerves of the pelvic region or the spinal cord, prostate surgery and many more. When one notices this problem it is good to visit the doctor for the possible treatment.

Jock Itch– When the fungus or the bacteria grows in the groin; it causes pain, itching, odor, and rash. The treatment of this is very easy, use the anti-fungal cream for two or three weeks and if it remains then visit a doctor for the next possible treatment.

Painful Urination– Many of the reasons are there for the painful urination like prostrate infection, kidney stones, UTI, STD’s, allergic reactions. It is better to see the doctor when a man suffers from the painful urination. It needs the medical intervention to treat well.

These were the common penis problems and their treatments that are experienced by the man but the main thing is never to ignore such problems. Sometimes it is seen that people feel embarrassed to visit the doctor or to collect the medicines but ignoring and covering these problems can result in severity which can be fatal. Maintain and take care of your sexual parts and have a healthy sex life with the partner.