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5 Tips For Starting Your B2B Business

B2B Business

In the corridors you hear that word, “blog”; in front of the coffee machine it speaks of “post” and to the photocopier, it is of “moderation” that one discusses. But nevertheless, you work in a B2B company … Could it be possible? And yes, having a blog for a B2B company is possible, and it is even widely advised … 5 tips to get started!

1. Find the angle of approach, what topic are you going to talk about?

What can a toasting company (yes, I have well written wire mesh) talk about? Consider the case of Louis E. Page , a small company, more than 100 years old, lost in Massachusetts. She managed to increase her lead base by 850% thanks to the opening of her blog.

Disseminating content on wire fencing seems not very interesting at first … and yet their white paper on laying a wire mesh for a horse enclosure was a best seller in its category with more than 1500 downloads!

Diffuse your knowledge, write a white paper, bounce on the news and, above all, enter the conversation!

It is up to you to choose your type of blogs, one that corresponds to your ambitions: watch, events, expert, ephemeral, the leader …

2. Choose your editorial team and involve your employees!

So the company decided to open a blog … but who will write the tickets? To produce “fresh” content of quality, we will have to find a team of web copywriters within your collaborators. These employees will have to really get involved in the project so that it works.

I think that setting up an editorial calendar is a good way to organize (it’s the hardest and I know what I’m talking about!) And also to motivate the troops. One does not hesitate either to have his notes re-read by another pair of eyes, one will surely avoid beautiful spelling mistakes and other incongruous words placed carelessly in the text … (quickly, I will read my article 3 times tracking errors!)

3. Learning to write for the web, it does not improvise

Writing for the web differs from writing for print. There are several things to know, starting with the direct approach. This involves placing the essential points from the beginning, the reverse of an article in the print media. We will also take time to understand what a Title or H1 is; In short, we will be interested in natural SEO .

We note, in passing, that a blog, it does not serve to apologize for its products (“my fence is the most resistant”). Do not fall into the advertising site! A blog is well and truly made to give its opinion, to take sides, to comment on the actuality. We leave the formal shackles of the corporate and personalize his notes: this is, truly, to find his way!

4. Promote your info

The basis of a community necessarily begins in its enterprise. Initially, we will take care of its internal communication and make sure that everyone knows and talks about the blog to its customers / prospects.

Then, according to the strategy that was determined upstream (renowned? Recruitment? Lead generation?), We apply the recommendations and we start on social media : Twitter account, Facebook page, Linkedin Company Page, Youtube … The the goal is to promote, with the communities gathered on each social network, the posts of our blog.

5. Measure his B2B blog

In order to ensure the actions implemented, it is time to implement dashboards with the KPIs corresponding to the objectives. Google Analytics will become your best ally and you will be able to take the necessary steps by adjusting your actions. For more information on this part, you can go to this article !

And if you want to go even further, now is the time to visit the Kinoa Institute website , which offers training to learn how to blog for B2B companies in DIF . Well, we are not going to fall into advertising hype (cf # 3), so I leave you with a last tip: a little bit of humor here and there, even in B2B, it works. I say that, I say nothing … Moreover, this will be the subject of a future post🙂