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6 Tools Every HR Office Needs

6 Tools Every HR Office Needs

The human resources (HR) office is the heart of any company. HR professionals are responsible for all sorts of tasks including recruiting, interviewing, employee placement, payroll, employee relationships, benefits, training, and much more. Since HR teams are responsible for so many important business functions, you want to know that they have the tools needed to be successful every hour of the work day.

When your HR office is running like a well-oiled machine, your whole company follows suit! Keep reading to learn about 6 tools that every HR office must have.

  1. Proper Furniture & Storage

Your HR department deals with a lot of data each day. From emails from potential recruits to confidential employee information, HR reps handle a lot of information each day. Be sure that your HR department is properly equipped with the furniture and storage it needs. This includes filing cabinets, desk supplies, binders, and other organization supplies.

While some of us take basic desk supplies for granted, HR personnel know the importance of pens, paper, and even small items like paper clips. Be sure the supply cabinets are kept stocked with must-have items.

  1. Quality Recruiting Software

Aside from keeping existing employees happy, HR is also responsible for bringing new employees on board. The recruiting process can be all sorts of messy, which is why it’s important to provide recruiting software. This software streamlines the process from beginning to end and can automate a lot of manual jobs including:

  • Posting jobs
  • Sorting and accepting applications
  • Managing candidates
  • Sending personalized communications to recruits

When choosing recruiting software, be sure to do some research. Most software you’ll find is meant for large companies. If you’re a small to medium sized company, you may not need all of the bells and whistles that inevitably increase the price. Determine your hiring and recruiting needs and find the right software that supports them.

  1. Mailing Address Stamp

HR offices can conduct some business via email and telephone, but some information is best received via direct mail. No matter if it’s for recruitment or for notifying employees of an upcoming change to their health benefits, direct mail still has its place in our highly digitalized world. But, there’s very little automation to sending direct mail, which means lots of time spent addressing and stuffing envelopes. But, there’s a better way!

To spend less time addressing envelopes, be sure to invest in mailing address stamps. These stamps come in handy for any direct mail that your company provides. With quick drying ink, you can create pre-addressed envelopes that allow HR reps to simply grab and go.

  1. Internal Messaging

These days there are all sorts of different forms of communication. While we can quickly send emails or pick up the phone, instant messaging has proven to be one of the fastest and most convenient options. Internal messaging platforms allow your employees to quickly share messages and files, no matter where they are located. Most of these applications even offer group chat capabilities, allowing your HR team to talk amongst themselves at any time of the day.

Having an internal messaging system is a must because it reduces daily interruptions. In order to make a phone call, you have to stop what you’re doing and pick up the phone. To send an email, you have to navigate to your inbox and hope to not be distracted by the dozens of unread messages. With internal messaging, there’s little to no impact to daily work.

  1. Project Management Software

Without the proper tools, project management can become everyone’s worst nightmare. Successful project management involves task tracking, timelines, and open collaboration. To make this possible, be sure to provide project management software. Most of these programs offer:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Document storage
  • Action tracking

Project management is a must in the HR world. Ensure your team is probably equipped with quality project management software.

  1. Employee Feedback Capabilities

One of the biggest reasons for an HR department is to keep employees happy. It’s important to understand how employees are feeling to boost morale, engagement, team development, and to better understand employee satisfaction. Since HR can’t personally reach out to each employee on a regular basis, it’s important to offer a quick and easy way for employees to provide their feedback. Online surveys are one of the most convenient ways to gather information from your employees without taking too much time out of their busy day.


With these 6 tools, you’ll have the peace of mind that your HR department can complete its functions on a daily basis. As with any team within your company, be sure everyone has the tools they need to be successful!

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