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A Few Tips To Optimize Your Time

Few Tips To Optimize Your Time

Stress, turning time, no time, delays … The life of an entrepreneur is a race against time. There are however tricks to properly optimize its time and gain valuable seconds as it is well known every minute account.

1. Trace your time automatically

Some applications help streamline productivity, the famous time-to-work ratio. One can quote for example RescueTime, which monitors the time of your computer all day, then class for you and gives you a productivity score. They have a free and paid version, but if you do not want to download and learn a brand new program, simply consider saving your screen for a working day using a screen capture software. Knowing that you are “watched” all day (even if only by yourself!), You can help to realize how much time you are wasting on doing nothing concrete.

2. Give yourself less time than you want

If for example you think you need until Thursday 5 to meet this deadline, give yourself until Thursday at noon. It sounds simple to say but it really helps to be more productive. To further motivate you, you can also share your deadline with your colleagues, which adds some extra pressure.

3. Evaluate everything

Planning your tasks to the maximum with a set of actions to be carried out during the week makes it possible to do everything at once and to free yourself from free time. Programming every little action to be performed in a calendar really helps to be more productive and relaxed because you will waste less time.

4. Optimize your content consumption time

If you consume a lot of podcasts and audiobooks, which costs you a lot of time, this may interest you.Increase the speed of your audio player. Most players have a built-in speed function, and you can save a lot of time by playing your content at 1.25, 1.5 or even 2 times the standard speed. And for those of you who have a million open tabs with stories and blog posts, the NaturalReader application for free in the App Store, automatically converts text written to audio so that you can get your stack “To read” much faster than usual.

5. Save the e-mail before lunch

This one is huge for those of you who check the emails the first morning and spend the rest of the day reacting to everything in your inbox. For those who can afford it, try to leave this inbox closed and unlocked until the end of lunch, during which you will have a few hours of concentrated and uninterrupted work time to brainstorm, work on your project and simply settle into a creative and innovative mindset.