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Awesome Raksha Bandhan Celebration Ideas for Grandparents


Raksha Bandhan is that time of the year where love among siblings is given priority. It is that time of year where siblings celebrate with sweets, rakhi and the goodness of their heart. The girls of the household tie the thread on their brother’s hand and receive gifts with loads of love from their brothers. But this celebration is not just bound to the younger ones if the family. What about the elders? What about your grandparents?  Don’t they deserve to share their love with their siblings?

It is your duty to help them relive those days of childhood. So, here I am with awesome ideas to celebrate Raksha Bandhan for your grandparents. 

If Grandparents And Their Siblings Live In The Same Town-

Suppose your grandparents and their siblings live in the same town. Then it becomes all too easy. All you have to do is bring them together on that day. Now, here are some ways you can make them feel loved-

  • Rakhis- So, choosing a rakhi which is best for them can be tricky but is important. Try choosing Rakhis made of pearl, silver, maybe even made with beads. Keep the design simple. Sometimes too extravagant is not what your grandparents would want.
  • Walk down memory lane- This is an interesting and exciting way to make them relive their old days. Do some digging and try to find their childhood pictures. Especially pictures of them celebrating their Raksha Bandhan. That would definitely make them smile.
  • Making a Collage- This way you can collaborate with all kinds of pictures, maybe one or two poems, everything and make a collage. This will surely remind them of their days with their siblings.
  • Watching Movies- make them watch one of their movies of heir times. A movie they share a memory with. A movie which all of you will watch together.
  • Gifts- Coming to gifts, a simple flower is even enough to bring smiles to your grandparents and their siblings. Even healthy options are there like choosing to gift Dry fruits, Sweets, Fruits. Rakhis with sweets is an ideal combination for gifting.
  • Take them on a trip- Maybe taking your grandparents for a trip would help them rekindle their love for their siblings. If not out of the city, but even a small outing in the cityscape is also exciting.

If Grandparents And Siblings Are In Distant Lands- 

Now, what if your grandparents and their siblings don’t live in the same place? What do you do? There is no need to worry. With the new concept of online Rakhi, the problem has been solved. With you can send Rakhi Gift Hampers anywhere in the world. Create the hampers with rakhis with sweet as this will enhance warmth in the relation. You can also opt for Rakhis with chocolate even when age has taken a toll. You name it, and with just a click of the mouse, you can send your gifts. We offer various gift combos provided with various price ranges.

So, now I hope it has become easier to plan for your grandparent’s Rakhi celebration. Follow these ideas to bring smiles to your grandparents. Let this Rakhi be a blast and also bring peace and happiness to your families.