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Brand Depot: The 7 Steps To Follow

Brand Depot:

In France, intellectual and industrial property law is regulated by INPI. This institute is responsible for identifying all trademarks, patents, and providing tools and support for creators. In this sense, it is the preferred interlocutor for trademark filing procedures . You have a brand idea and wish to file it, here are the different steps to do it successfully.

1) Define all elements of your brand

At first, define well and, most importantly, be some of the items you want to attach to your brand.Beyond the name of this one, think about the symbols and the figures that will represent it. The logo and the color agreements for your visual identity are also part of the brand.

2) Conduct a search for prior art

Before filing your trademark, you must be sure that other people have not had ideas similar to yours before. They are not necessarily competitors. But it is likely that your brand resembles another already existing.

3) Conduct research on all possible variations

Even if you do not find anything during your search, repeat them, in relation to all possible variations.Indeed, a competitor may be accused of forgery or attempted confusion because he would have used a similar name although spelled slightly differently.

4) Specify the elements of your mark for registration

Once your searches are complete, you are now certain that the brand you wish to deposit is free.Organize a folder in which all the characteristics of your brand are presented. The assistance of a specialized intellectual property lawyer is welcome at this point in the proceedings. This includes selecting the classes (designated product types) in which your brand is located.

5) Register your brand on the territories where your activity develops

The filing of a trademark with the INPI is valid for a period of 10 years and only in French territory. If you want to expand your international business, it is necessary to make deposits also in other countries. This is however a very optional measure if you export to other countries is not in your projects.

6) Keep the trademark registration vouchers

When you have completed the submission of your application form and the potential annexes that allow you to specify the nature of your application, please keep all your supporting documents. They include, among others, the certificate of registration, and the certificate of publication of the Industrial Property Bulletin (BOPI).

7) Monitor the activities of the competitors!

In order to protect your products, monitoring the activities of competitors and people with similar brands to yours is a good practice. This is how you are able to know the unlawful uses of your trademark, and that your filing with the INPI has helped protect.

The filing of its trademark is a procedure of vigilance which allows to protect its name, but also the whole of its activity. Do this as soon as possible so that the names used are known.