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Can Translation Services Increase My Revenue?

The growth in technology and internet accessibility around the world truly opened many doors for a number of business owners. In today’s globalising world, even a small, locally based SMEs are able to approach foreign markets and trade directly with their overseas partners with ease, something that only 20 years ago would have been considered borderline impossible.

For UK based companies, Internationalisation is an extremely enticing idea, especially giving the fact that today over 25% of European customers regularly purchase goods from shops based abroad. Consequently, the number of new potential customers can be truly great.

Nonetheless, in order to successfully approach and acquire these customers, a company must initially take a number of steps. Perhaps one of the most important steps is communicating with the target market in their native language. Research shows, that more than 90% of customers prefer to shop online if the information about a product or service is available in their language and that 59% of online shoppers never or rarely buys from websites which are available only in English.

With such high numbers of customers wanting to shop and browse in their native language, it is really up to your company to accommodate this in order to ensure that you are able to grow your revenue abroad. In many cases however, this is easier said than done as translating business content can be a very complicated and time-consuming process. This is where expert translation services providers come into play.

Not-so-complicated translation solution

Fortunately, however, the solution to this problem is indeed quite simple. In order to ensure that your content and material is translated accurately and reliably, it’s essential to work with professional translation agencies such as Translation Services 24 or Language Reach, which are able to not only translate your documents, but can also advise you as to which materials you should translate. This can be especially important for businesses which have not translated any of their materials previously. Working closely with a translation agency and translating only the essential resources can prove to be budget-friendly, which in many cases can be key within the SME environment.

Translate Website

Having your company’s website translated is essential. In many cases, your website will be the first point of contact between you and your potential customer. Allowing them to navigate and find information about your products and services in their language, as statistics show, is nothing short of essential. Working with an expert translation services provider will ensure that your digital content is carefully translated and localised specifically for your target audience.

Translating your website should go beyond simply translating words-for-words and keeping their literal meaning. In order for your website to be an asset to your company, and consequently, grow your revenue, it must be reliably localised. An agency specialising in translations will usually also be able to offer a localisation service, which focuses not only on written content, but also on elements of your website which may work within one market but may not in another. This includes colours, currency, images etc.

International search

Before a client visits your website, they must be able to find it first. Usually, the most effective way of directly approaching customers is through search engines, such as Google. Making sure that your website is visible to your potential customers involves not only translating the site itself, but also targeting the most relevant keywords with your content. A professional translation agency will ensure that the terms you wish to focus on are searched for within target market, and if not, provide you with alternative terms.

Marketing material

Your website, although key, isn’t the only important marketing material you should translate into your new market’s native language. Leaflets, brochures as well as business cards should also be carefully translated in order to allow wider audiences to understand your business message and branding and consequently boost your sales.

Investing in professional translation services, although should always be calculated into the company’s budget and can be a costly short-term venture, has a great return on investment. In fact, in the long-run, working with a company specialising in translations directly will turn out to be cheaper than trying to outsource the work elsewhere. If the material you intend to address your potential customers with is not translated accurately in the first place, your business will later bear costs of re-translating and re-localising it. Additionally, a mistranslation can also have a direct impact on your company’s image and branding, which can be very important, especially when you’re to establish your position within a foreign market.

As you can see, working closely with a translation agency during internationalization can significantly increase your chances of success within a foreign market. From translating and localising your website and other marketing content to exploring search phrases, each step along the way is as important as the previous and only when completing each of the steps correctly, and only then, your business will be able to reach its full potential abroad.