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Planning For Retirement: Things To Do For A Successful Life

Planning For Retirement

Retirement is a bitter-sweet affair for most because, on one hand, it is a culmination of one’s work life, whilst on the other, it typically comes with a bounty that has been saved through the working life of the retiree. The reality of today’s times is that working lives are

How Do You Pay In Belgium Without Cash Money

How Do You Pay In Belgium Without Cash Money

In the 1960s, more than half of the total amount of money consisted of banknotes. In 2010, that is only 16.9%, and this percentage is still falling. This is because today, in many cases, it is no longer necessary to cash cash because there are more and more alternative methods of payment. In

What New Payment Methods Are In Advance Of Shopping?


Almost one or two Belgians took as Febelfin regularly the map above to pay, and will do so in the run up to the holidays. T. Kearney expects the proportion of non-cash transactions in Europe to continue to reach 40% by 2020 (30% today), and that up to 20% of non-cash transactions will take