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3 ideas of decorative pockets for the home

3 ideas of decorative pockets for the home

As you are a real head in the air, you often forget the place where you put the keys of your car. Combine business with pleasure with one of these 3 empty-pocket ideas that also serve as decorative items. Many more are also to discover on Pinterest ! Storage tray Put a keychain on his keychain will unfortunately

How to choose an interior door? How much does it cost ?

choose an interior door

Even though interior doors are less noticeable than entry door models, there is nothing to stop you from replacing them when they wear out and start to lose their aesthetic appeal. Now you have to choose the right model. The parameters to take into account to choose the right doors The interior door comes



The essential parsley, the delicate chives, the sunny thyme, the fresh mint ... The common name of aromatic plant includes dozens of varieties. To avoid being overwhelmed, stick to a selection of 5 or 6 varieties that you use daily. Plant or sowing? The price of herbs is about the same whether you choose a

What is a sales designer?

a sales designer

A sales designer is a professional kitchen designer. Real asset for your kitchen project it accompanies you from the design to the installation of your kitchen. Each of the Cuisine Plus designers follows a thorough training program integrating the techniques of layout, interior design and decoration. He is an advisor During your first visit

Our selection of designer bar stools for a convivial kitchen

Our selection of designer bar stools for a convivial kitchen

The traditional table of our kitchens gives way more and more to a  raised central island . The stool becomes the practical accessory to take your meals. Their design look will complement wonderfully the decoration of your kitchen. Height-adjustable stools This type of stool makes it possible to adapt the seat height to any situation. Depending on your