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How to work in the Treasury

How to work in the Treasury

The Tax Agency, colloquially known as the Treasury, is entrusted with the effective application of the state and customs tax system, as well as those resources of other national Public Administrations or of the European Union whose management is entrusted to it by law or by agreement. Likewise, its mission

What Is The Role Of The Business Developer In A Startup?

The Business Developer

In the digital sector, the business developer controls the techniques of the products he sells, whether it is adserving / e-advertising (SEM, SEO, affiliation ...), e-mailing (routing, deliverability, ...), or website / mobile (design / user experience, HTML / Flash languages ...), and ensures a watch on the evolutions of

The Value Of A Quantitative Market Study

Market Study

Overview of the objectives of the quantitative analysis of market research The quantitative study of the market proves to be essential for any promoter who wants to succeed in the creation of a company. Through this process, it is possible to define all the steps to be followed in order to

Market Research: A Must For All Entrepreneurs

Market Research:

Large companies are born of original ideas. Many entrepreneurs then cogitate hours, days, months or even years to find a concept that can sell. After having founded their company and realized what they want, many are experiencing a challenging failure. In order to avoid this kind of disillusionment, carrying out

You Want To Undertake? Have You Thought About Becoming a Franchisee?

a Franchisee?

What is a franchise? Legally, a franchise is a commercial agreement that is based on a franchise agreement between two legally independent entities. The object of this act is the assignment of image rights related to the trademark and the exploitation rights related to the concept. It therefore gives rise to rights

How To Find Customers Without Phoning?

Find Customers Without Phoning

The hardest thing to do is dare to start getting started. Despite all the challenges that await you there is a way to find new customers without doing phoning by starting with nothing. Here are the 4 steps to finding customers without making phoning with little investment. 1. Education: the most

Auto-Entrepreneurs: CA Ceiling To Double In 2018

Auto-Entrepreneurs: Ceiling To Double In 2018

In 2018 this ceiling will double: - EUR 165 600 for the trade and supply of housing. - 66,200 euros for services and liberal professions. Consequences of the excess turnover: two implications for the auto entrepreneur: the first in terms of taxation: - The self-employed entrepreneur sees his option for the micro-enterprise tax system disappear retroactively