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Commercial Bird Control

Commercial Bird Control

Flocks of birds in their natural environment can be a magnificent spectacle but when they encroach on commercial spaces, hinder task accomplishment and present health and safety risks, from noise to guano, feathers to secondary flea infestations, please contact a leading commercial bird control firm like local specialists Apex Environmental Services. There comes a point at which birds cease to be a nuisance and territory must be reclaimed using efficient and humane measures.

Whilst many bird proofing cases are concerned with handling infestations in and around trading businesses, there are occasions when an enterprise is not yet in-situ but considerable disturbance occurs.

In Anglessey Horizon’s submission of plans for a nuclear power site have been delayed because a substantial colony of terns is resident in the nearby Cemlyn nature reserve. The population numbers approximately 1900 pairs of breeding terns.

Chris Wynne of North Wales Wildlife Trust welcomed their attention to the terns. He told the BBC, “We have a number of concerns about noise levels during the breeding season during the summer months,”

“Terns are quite vulnerable to disturbance early in breeding season…The development would take numerous years. With that disturbance every year, the birds might not come back.”

A Horizon spokesman was confident the firm could resolve the issues.

“Our goal has always been to achieve a Development Consent Order that, as far as is possible, meets both our requirements and those of our key stakeholders.

“Before we finally submit the DCO we intend to take a little more time to finalise our approach to dealing with protected bird habitats near to the Wylfa Newydd site.”

Last autumn plans for 5000 homes were compromised in Chattenden when a rare species of nightingale was found on a former MOD site. The proposal was opposed by several residents, Natural England, the RSPB and the Wildlife Trust as development would threaten dozens of pairs of nightingales.

The RSPB spoke to the BBC and called the site “the most important site in the country for nightingales.”

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation and the Homes and Communities Agency planning application was withdrawn, and the intention is to submit revised proposals in Spring 2018.

Whether you are already on site or at the planning stages bird proofing spaces is imperative, for peace of mind and safety. Commercial bird control measures are discreet, cost effective and practical.

Specialists like Apex Environmental Services team carry out a thorough survey and recommend the most viable method that meets budget. Both temporary and permanent installations can be made of top quality, rust resistant bird control netting, anti-bird spikes, and anti-bird mesh, to give just three examples. Netting or spikes are most suitable for commercial premises and agricultural spaces whilst mesh lends itself to areas prone to damage including under bridges and in areas with high pedestrian traffic.

Please don’t fall in to the trap of considering commercial bird control as a problem you won’t encounter; birds can infest almost anywhere so keep a bird proofing expert’s number in your directory.