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Ecommerce: What Are Good Conversion Practices?


With the increase in acquisition costs and competition, optimizing conversion rates is a priority for companies where how to do better with less. In the absence of increasing traffic, the A / B testing should allow to increase the conversion rate without increasing traffic.

The A / B testing provides results from an own population of visitors based on measured statistics. In order for these tests to be reliable, it is necessary to test sufficiently large samples and an adequate duration.

The challenge of time to market

The time for e-commerce companies to adapt to their Business is increasingly short: ultra-competitive universe, constant evolution of purchasing behavior: AB testing pragmatically meets the commitment and conversion especially during structural changes (web redesign).

How to get to know your visitors better?

AB testing helps to obtain objective data on what visitors want without even realizing that they are being questioned about their behavior. Other techniques complement the visitor knowledge such as user panel, focus group or eye tracking.

How to define a basic hypothesis?

Presenting its offer offers several assumptions. the AB testing makes it possible to select the most efficient.

The product / service offer must address several issues:

– The value proposition must be clear, consistent and homogeneous between the pages.

– Highlight the characteristics of the offer: the benefits, the price, the faithful translation of the image that one wishes to project.

– Give information: is the level of detail of the information the right one? Should we say the maximum or keep only the essential? Can we eliminate elements that disrupt the visitor?

– The choice of format: is a video more effective than a long speech?

– The choice of the offer: Potential channeling of an offer in relation to another, Is the choice of tariffs adapted?

– Customer support: is the visitor well guided and reassured by the right messages? Are the promotional offers clear?

Use existing data such as bounce rate

If a bounce rate observed on a landing page is abnormally high, it may appear advisable to perform AB Testing on this page. Similarly, if one stage of the conversion tunnel experiences a high dropout rate, it may be wise to perform further optimizations.

The importance of ergonomics

The behavior of a visitor is very moving. Trends in the field of user experience (UX) also. Launching an ergonomic audit often proves to be a good solution for identifying areas of underperformance: an overall reflection on the client’s journey through the linking of pages, navigation, also requires an in-depth study.

Each element of a site is likely to influence the visitor and thus act on the conversion

The design, position, general appearance of texts, text blocks, and CTAs: their size, font, color, alignment ….

Wording, especially CTA, understanding, user experience of a CTA. For example, the words “buy now instead of” buy the product “or” buy the product “or” add to cart “. Each wording chosen will have an impact on the conversion rate of a page.

Forms: registration forms are one of the AB testing fields. The ergonomics and the aesthetics of the forms are essential points in terms of the desire that will be given to the visitors.

 Good ergonomic practices

Web-testing is often used to validate hypotheses related to site ergonomics and user experience. In this field there are universal rules, verified hundreds of times on concrete cases:

For example, the sense of reading a page leads to placing the navigation menus on the left side of the screen: putting them right would be disturbing to the reader.

According to the experts UX, it is necessary to deepen the optimization tracks likely to improve the user experience:

– location and design of call to action

– ideal number and size of steps in a long process type form

– feedback format (example: what is the message to display after a shopping cart?

General information and help with navigation: What length, default or dynamic display?

– format and size of reinsurance messages

The importance of visuals

Increasing the size of the images on a product sheet often improves the conversion rate. But identifying the optimal size remains a challenge: for example the 100% handmade marketplace tested 10 different image sizes before determining the best choice. It turns out that on a satellite site, it is another format of image that has made more audience. It all depends on the context and audience of a site.

Definition of performance indicators

Before launching the AB tests, it is essential to define the objectives precisely with their follow-up in the reporting tools in the form of KPI. In terms of ecommerce, the classic performance indicators are the number of basket purchases, the average basket, the precise view of the conversion tunnel: what is the drop-out rate at each stage? Does the user encounter any bugs or under performing elements in his navigation?

What to do in case of low statistical significance?

A limit of the AB testing occurs when testing three different versions, and that these three versions will each have their qualities and defects: number of visits, number of conversions, conversion rate and confidence indicator … How to find a statistical significance? It is then necessary to define a confidence indicator calculated from the volume of traffic, the number of conversions and the conversion gain obtained. In order for a statistic to be meaningful, it is necessary to rely on samples of at least 50 conversions. The difficulty of the exercise is to arbitrate the different options according to the objectives of the company and its strategy.