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Floral print: 50 pieces fashion and accessories to shopper this season

Floral print: 50 pieces fashion and accessories to shopper this season

Roses, peonies, hibiscus, orchids and daisies: the flowers are out. Find out how to adopt them this season, from head to toe.

Between women, flowers and fashion, it’s a long-lasting love story. Summer, autumn, winter , spring: the flowers are worn in all seasons. And given this summer’s collections coming into stores , the story is not about to stop. Flower power is not dead! 
Citadines or beautiful fields, there is necessarily a flowery pattern suited to his style.

Find now our selection of 50 fashion and accessories of the season to adopt the flowery trend

Floral print  : what are the reasons buzzent in 2018?

Beware of all-over models and total looks: too much, too summer 2017! If you still love it, crush instead flowers not too imposing: the trend to the maxi tropical flower is out of fashion … at least for this summer!
In the ultra trendy register in 2018, embroidered flowers culminate at the top of must-haves . Embroidered on a simple white T-shirt , they also have the distinct advantage of being easy to adopt everyday! Rolled up jeans, sandalsand basta!
More “jigsaw”: flowers embroidered on jeans … especially if the embroidery in question devours the whole leg! Not easy to wear at the  office to ensure meetings, but super easy to adopt in cool mode on weekends.

How to wear flowers without making “nunuche”?

The trick is to shift his romantic side. The most efficient ? Adopt a quilted room at the rock cloakroom . Specifically: have fun associating a Liberty floral print wrap dress with black ankle boots studded with small nails. And if it’s still a little cool, add him a denim jacket or – if the rock side pleases you – a perfecto-style leather jacket.
The more adventurous can dare the mix and match . The rule: flowers with stripes; flowers with peas; flowers with patterns “jungle”. The more it’s offbeat, the more it works. On the other hand, avoid the mix and match which consists of associating a top with maxi flowers with a  skirtprinted fluid of very small flowers.
The solution when we dare neither the rock look, nor the mix and match is to know how to spot the little flowered piece that will fly.

3 clues to find the most trendy flower pieces in 2018

1: The coveted room has ruffles? Go for it. From skirts to bodys, swimwear  tops and  Bardot tops , the fashion of the summer of 2018 uses and abuses ruffles . And flowers, it’s even better!

2: The coveted piece could have been worn by Frida Kahlo? You do not even need to confirm that you have to buy it as the Mexican artist has become a timeless fashion icon that transcends genres, fashions and borders. So you have the blouses, the jumpsuits and the dresses a little folk.

3: The coveted piece is an accessory  ? Zero fashion faux-pas in perspective! For a very summer version, we adopt the headband; for a ceremonial dress , a princess bag with embossed flowers is offered; for a feminine look, we love a nice pair of shoes with soles printed with seasonal flowers.

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