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Helpful Tips For Organizing Your Outdoor Storage Shed

Helpful Tips For Organizing Your Outdoor Storage Shed

Having a storage shed in your yard is a godsend. Imagine the amount of fresh space it can create in your home after you take out everything that’s not immediately necessary and stashed it outside. However, like any junk box, sheds can also eventually fill up, making it once again difficult to find whatever you need. While the purpose of a storage shed is to house your clutter, you do still need to get these random items organized and under control. How do you keep things neat and tidy in this space that houses most of your junk?

Why You Have A Shed

Decide why you are setting up a shed in the first place. Is it to store gardening and lawn-care supplies? Will you be using it to keep pool chemicals and car-related stuff? Are you going to use it as an alternative hobby room? Knowing the purpose of your shed will help you think of better ways to arrange things and make them easily accessible. If you’re just planning to have one installed, this decision will greatly help storage shed builders create a customized design that best suits your requirements.

If you are going to use the shed to store seeds and plants, make sure the environment is well suited for their normal growth. Check that there’s no space for snow or rain to leak in and that no moisture seeps in through the flooring. If so, arrange organic products on shelves or pallets so they don’t sprout too early or develop mold. Leaving some space for air to circulate between the plants and the walls also prevents humidity buildup.

If you are keeping paint, oil, and other related products in the shed, you need to make sure they stay cool during the hot summer season. These items are flammable and might explode if they are exposed to too much heat. A shed that’s windowless is better at cooling because sunlight can go through a window and trap heat inside. If your shed has windows, what you can do is cover vents with chicken wire so cool air can still circulate.

Walls Are Your Friends

Don’t just rely on floor space to arrange your stuff. You can make use of the walls by installing shelves, pegboards, or cupboards. Hanging racks and hooks also provide plenty of ways to store gardening tools and to make them easily visible and accessible. By displaying them, you no longer mess up your workdesk or have to rummage through a box and accidentally get injured in the process.

Going Green

Avid gardeners know the value of a well kept greenhouse and your shed can be used to set one up. Serious green thumbs know that a tiller is a necessary tool, so with weed pullers, trowels, dirt hauling buckets, and more. You can turn your shed into a lovely greenhouse where you can keep everything plant-related. When arranging, just make sure fertilizer bags rest on palettes and are not directly on the ground because this will expose them to moisture and mold.

Rooftop Gardening

You can keep a lovely garden even if you live in a highly urbanized area and that’s where a shed comes useful. You can turn a shed into a small space to grow and appreciate your choice of plants and flowers. Because it’s an enclosed space, you get to decide the kind of environment your little garden will have. Plus, your plants will not be exposed to the dirt and pollution. You can have a customized storage shed for your garden and then another shed for your other equipment and tools. The result is a well-organized rooftop area that’s easy on the eyes.

A Great, Mess-Free Way To Live

If you feel that you still need extra space even with a storage shed already in place, you can opt to move your rarely used items to an external storage unit. After you’ve organized that space, it will be very tempting to return to your old ways of just tossing random things in it. When you’re on the verge of doing so, simply remind yourself of the hard work you put into keeping this arranged. That should be enough motivation for you to maintain a mess-free space.

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