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Hire an Expert Food Safety Auditor for Increased Confidence

Hire an Expert Food Safety Auditor for Increased Confidence

Industry specialists at Food Alert offer professional food safety auditing services so that management of food manufacturing, preparation and retailing operations can ascertain whether health and safety and food hygiene levels are at optimum levels and to highlight knowledge gaps, bad practices and risks, behind closed doors and in the public areas.

Would you rather learn of issues with a professional food safety auditor or during an official FSA visit in which the Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme score is awarded based on what the food inspectors see?

From small operations to multi-site companies, the Food Standards Agency expects the regulations to be upheld, that an EU and UK legislation compliant HACCP food safety management system is actively managed and that any hazards to staff and consumers are addressed efficiently.

In-house food safety audits tend to slip down the list of priorities, time is precious, and a food business won’t obligingly run itself, but as official food inspectors know, one lapse or ignored issue can result in a highly negative situation, sometimes presenting life or death challenges.

Every member of the team has a responsibility to inform management about risks and any practices they witness which don’t conform with legal requirements but when you fear that something could still be missed, or you don’t have the time to fulfil audits and appreciate that you’ll probably, despite good intentions, neglect food safety tasks in favour of other pressures, call in the experts for a professional appraisal.

Food safety audits are carried out without warning to replicate the atmosphere of an FSA visit which is never announced prior to the food inspectors’ arrival. This offers a truthful and invaluable picture.

Knowledge is power, management must act on it to achieve excellence.

Training courses are available from specialist companies including Food Alert, in classroom, on the business premises and at lower employee levels, online. The more knowledge that each team member has, the stronger your enterprise is.

For example, an overview of the CIEH level 3 Award Food Safety in Catering is below:

(Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.)

  • Applying and monitoring good food hygiene practices.
  • Microbiology, factors of bacteria multiplication, threats of food poisoning, prevention of food contamination, kinds of contamination.
  • Temperature control. Various methods of measuring food temperatures, heating and cooling temperatures and stages of cook-chill.
  • Workplace/equipment design.
  • Waste disposal, cleaning and disinfection.
  • Types of pests, their impact and methods to control pests.
  • Personal hygiene standards of staff – The importance of good personal hygiene in the workplace and the role of the supervisor in ensuring this.
  • Contributions to staff training – the legal regulations for training.
  • Good communications and record keeping.
  • Implementation of a food safety management system.
  • Food safety management tools – the HACCP system.
  • Food legislation and supervisory management – Legislation in food businesses, how it is enforced, employer/employee responsibilities. Due diligence.

After regular professional food safety audits, when the official food inspectors descend you won’t suffer from panic, sweating palms or a nervous twitch that betrays your joy at seeing them.

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