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How to choose an interior door? How much does it cost ?

choose an interior door

Even though interior doors are less noticeable than entry door models, there is nothing to stop you from replacing them when they wear out and start to lose their aesthetic appeal. Now you have to choose the right model.

The parameters to take into account to choose the right doors

The interior door comes in a wide range of materials, designs and colors which can quickly turn your purchase into a real headache. However, before racing for one or more models, many imperatives will be respected. And for some, these constraints will already reduce the possibilities.

Thus, regardless of the area of ​​the house where it will be installed, the door will have to be selected before anything according to the space of beat necessary to observe for the door to be functional. The opening and closing must always be easy, but above all easy and without any obstacle. In addition, you should also consider the size of neighboring walls, especially for those who dream of a sliding model.

Not to mention special arrangements and arrangements if a person with reduced mobility lives in the dwelling. Also know that tailor-made is quite possible. Your interior doors must also comply with dimensional standards of at least 80 centimeters wide.

What material for the door?

As a delimitation, separation or isolation of different areas of the house, the interior door should not forget that it is an integral part of the decoration, and the wrists that will be installed there . This is why its appearance, more precisely its material, also has a lot of importance during its purchase. This element has a lot of impact on both its price and its robustness, especially for those who want the armored for example between the house and the garage, or in companies.

We immediately think of steel models that, remember, are the most expensive on the market since the basics are offered at 700 euros. Yet at this price you can get a mid-range aluminum model, if not higher quality if your preferences are going to PVC. But we can not forget the wood that is currently the most frequently encountered in individuals. One of its only drawbacks is its relatively high cost compared to other materials.

For hard and solid wood doors, count at least 450 euros. The bill can quickly climb if two or three doors are to replace. Otherwise the alternative of wood is the composite. The price is undoubtedly one of the major reasons that justify the purchase decision. Moreover, often we forget to include in the budget the performance of the craftsman who will take care of the installation of the door.

The different models of interior doors

Once you have decided on the material, you must also define the shape of the door. Here too, the choice is wide. Certain rules will however have to be respected. Thus, to preserve the privacy and privacy of everyone, solid doors are ideal for toilets, washrooms and bedrooms. It may happen that in a nursery or child’s room, we prefer the semi-glazed to keep an eye on the slips of cabbage.

As for the glass doors, these will find their place in the living rooms as the living room, the dining room and the living room. What’s more, this type of door brings brightness in a house or an apartment. And sometimes also, the door needs to be well insulated acoustically so as not to disturb the other occupants of the places of the noises of radio, TV, hifi or of a playroom for example.

Otherwise, swinging or sliding? Here is another question to which you must quickly find an answer. And if for you nothing is worth the classic styles, choose the swing doors. However, to avoid small spaces, to the extent that the door may take up space. Hence the interest of sliding models. The only constraints are the additional work to be planned.