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How to find the perfect running shoes?

find the perfect running shoes?

Running is a sport that has been practiced for millions of years, back to the time when Australopithecus used it as a hunting strategy. Over time, competitions began to take place at religious events, such as the Tailteann Games in Ireland, to the first Olympic Games in history, in 776 BC. J.-C .. Nowadays there is an impressive variety of racing competitions, it is mostly a sport that is practiced in the form of daily exercise, as antistress or just as a hobby.

Running is an activity for thousands of people of all ages. No wonder the race is “the most accessible sport in the world”, since it can be practiced almost anywhere and anytime.

Recurring questions when it comes to choosing your running shoes:

  • Which shoes to choose for my type of foot?
  • What are the different types of running shoes?
  • What is the difference between maximalist and minimalist shoes?
  • Are there different shoes depending on the type of race?
  • How are the running shoes made?

Why run?

Whether you want to relax after a hectic day at the office or to train for the next half-marathon, there are many reasons to put on your shoes.

As our motivations differ from one person to another, the way we run varies as much as the necessary equipment. If you take a look at an old pair of shoes a hundred times worn and worn to the rope, you will see vestiges of your use through many brands of wear. The stripped surface, be it the heel or the outer edge of the sole, will be a crucial clue to discover the pair of shoes that suits you.

Types of wear on running shoes

There are three types of wear marks induced by whether your gait is  neutral , pronated or supinated . Each of these strides will greatly influence the type of running shoe you should choose, as well as your pronation .

Using proper equipment can make a huge difference during your workouts. For example, if you suffer from tibia (or “shin splints”) pain during your run, finding a pair of shoes that is right for your gait can help reduce pain.

Pronation  : this is the natural roll of the foot during any physical activity. Pronation is necessary for the foot to work properly. Over pronation (overpronation) or inversion (supination) can easily lead to injury if the necessary precautions have not been taken beforehand.

Neutral position

We speak of neutral position when during the movement, the bearing of the foot is natural and seems normal. If you have a neutral stance, the marks of wear will occur on the tip of the foot and on the outer heel of your shoe. Often seen in runners with a biomechanically flawless stride, the neutral position absorbs impacts well, helping to relieve pressure on the knees and joints during the race. In general, a neutral pronation foot will have a regular arch and a centered equilibrium point.


Supination (or under-pronation)  occurs when, during stride, the foot rolling is outward. This movement results in wear marks on the outer sides of the shoe . Supination increases the pressure on the muscles and tendons responsible for stabilizing the ankle. It is therefore important to wear suitable shoes to prevent sprains and other leg injuries. Promote shoes with a generous cushion and great flexibility to bring more support to your foot.

Key words to remember when shopping for supinator running shoes:

  • Comfortable and versatile midsole with good cushioning
  • Single density midsole
  • Lightweight running shoes


If you have flat feet, you are most likely overpronation. During the stride, the rolling of your foot is done inward in a particularly pronounced way. Wear marks appear on the inner sides of the shoe . A pronated gait increases the risk of knee pain and long-term injury.

To compensate for overpronation,  there are shoes with additional medical support  like the  Mizuno Wave Inspire 13  below. It may also be helpful to have an orthopedic device that fits your foot. In addition, all runners with a pronated gait should choose shoes that offer good stability and great engine control.

Comfortable running shoes are invaluable for all runners. The quality of the equipment will have a huge impact on your overall performance, so be sure to prepare accordingly. If your feet are not happy, your daily jogging will be greatly affected. Buy the right shoes to get started!

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Main types of running shoes

The three main types of running shoes are neutral shoes , the shoes stability and motion control shoes. Some riders will be riding on two categories and will have to try several models to see which one is right for them.

Neutral running shoes

Neutral shoes are suitable for those who have a normal arch or slightly arched, in addition to having a good biomechanics race. This type of shoe absorbs impacts well and provides support for the arch of the foot. They are therefore considered excellent shoes for runners with a neutral stride or with supination. This is a type of shoe that generally suits smaller runners.

Stability shoes

Neutral running shoes are the most common type among the three. So you can choose from a wide variety of models. As they are often lighter, neutral shoes are also worn by runners at competitions.

These shoes also offer great support and excellent cushioning to reduce impact on the feet when they hit the ground during the race.the stability shoes are suitable for runners who have flat feet or a rather high foot arch, like most over-the-knee runners. The stability of a shoe will usually be dictated by its structure, designed to correct a strong pronation of the foot during exercise.

Although the maximalist shoes have been criticized for their definitely broader than usual format that sometimes gives them a look a little comical, they are gaining more and more popularity thanks to the great comfort they provide. Last year, more than a dozen brands offered maximalist shoes combining the latest technologies for both road and trail running. it was French riders, formerly athletes for the Salomon brand , who set up Hoka One One in 2011. They decided to design shoes as opposed to the minimalist wave that was in full swing at the time. They have created particularly large shoes, with impressive cushioning and very thick midsoles, to ensure a smooth and comfortable running experience.

 shoes , for their part, provide only the bare necessities so that the stride of the runner is as natural as possible. They give the wearer the impression of running barefoot, while providing basic protection against the terrain. The minimalist shoes barely have a cushion, their soles are particularly thin and often much lighter than those of regular running shoes.

On the contrary, the maximalist shoes offer a very good cushioning to guarantee a comfortable stride to those who run over long distances, while allowing a good shock absorption.

Categories of running shoes

There are three different types of races and each has shoes adapted to it. We thus find shoes road race , the trail running and training . Each category has specific features that are tailor-made for the terrain and the activity associated with it.

Road Running Shoes

This type of shoe is designed to run primarily on gravel or paved surfaces. The road running shoes are the most common on the market and come in different variations of cushioning and support, depending on your needs. Made to withstand repetitive impacts on firm surfaces, outer soles are generally flat or have only small crampons.

As its name suggests, this category of shoes has been designed to run off the beaten path. These all-terrain shoes that will allow you to push your limits, despite the rocks, dust and mud. The outsole has good crampons for a more effective grip and better grip on the ground. The midsole is designed to protect your foot against pebbles and roots. The upper part of the shoe  is made of materials that protect your foot and hold it in place despite uneven terrain.

Training shoes

Training shoes are a hybrid type that combines different characteristics of sports shoes. The advantage of these is that they can be used for various types of activities. Among their features, there is good cushioning and a wider and more stable sole, made to provide support and support during lateral movements. So these are great shoes for beginner athletes looking for a versatile product that they can use both for volleyball training and yoga.

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