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How To Start Your Business Online?

Business Online?

According to FEVAD, e-commerce is still growing strongly in France. Many entrepreneurs throw themselves into the adventure which helps to grow the industry:

E-commerce revenues grow by + 14%
8 out of 10 Internet users buy online
25,000 new merchant sites have been created in 2016.

E-commerce requires heavy investments over several years, because the strongest ones capture the biggest part of the pie.

If the ambition is to be a simple actor among so many others, there is nothing to lose at launching at a lower cost.

These 5 tips must be able to control costs when launching a project

Optimized production management

First of all, the production and delivery process must be well managed if one begins to sell products. The first sales must be made in tense flows to avoid the management of stock costs. The more sales will increase, the greater the stake will be to be able to increase the rate of production and then to shorten delivery times to the customer.

E-commerce platforms that simplify life work. The idea of testing the sale of its products on online marketplaces such as Amazon or Le Bon Coin allows us to get an idea of the potential of what we want to sell. Once the first sales are initiated it will be possible to consider creating an e-commerce site.

How to choose your site?

Choosing a tool that allows you to deploy functional sites
Suitable for all screens
Easy to put on foot
That inspire buyers confidence
Keep an eye on the cost of such an investment

How to develop your first sales?

Thanks to seo and social networks: it is indeed necessary to generate traffic on a site to bring in potential buyers. The Seo allows to generate traffic without investing in advertising on the internet. This requires constantly creating content that is relevant and appreciated by Google. Social networks help generate communities around the brand. the social strategy must be useful for Internet users and naturally create a link with the brand.

Healing his landing pages

The description of a product sheet is very important. It is she who will make you want to buy. The more refined the page will be, the more the prospect will want to click. Testing and continually optimizing its product sheets is essential to turning traffic into sales.

Think carefully about the pricing strategy

the prices charged must be such as to preserve the margin and to cover the fixed costs. Making a market study and recording the prices charged by the competition makes it possible to position well. The challenge is to find the right balance between price and volume of sales, to generate a net profit earned on different prices.

In summary there are good ways not to spend and start making sales when launching an e-commerce activity. The more we invest in the promotion the more the site will grow. Mastering its offer and its production costs must be reflected in the quality and structure of the site to reassure the user and encourage him to use your site over another.