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Lingerie large size pretty novelties to highlight the curves

Lingerie large size pretty novelties to highlight the curves

How about renewing your lingerie for spring-summer? Zoom on the most beautiful large size models that highlight your curves and bring you comfort and sensuality.

Trend models that suit your morphology

In fashion, there are the  trends we love and those that go with us. For  lingerie it’s the same. This season, specialized stores have witnessed more and more minimalist models: bras, triangles, headbands. For a generous breast this is not really the ideal. But obviously we have the solution:

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– Among the new fashion, you can fall for the body, it-piece lingerie for a few seasons. Terribly sexy, it has the advantage of shaping and refining your figure. In addition, it comes to infinity. You will necessarily find the one that suits you.
– This season, the strapless bra is back in force. Its advantages ? It dresses a good part of your belly and is ultra nested. Perfect for a generous bosom , it sublimates your neckline in two swings.
– The tidal wave of triangle bramade you crack? Problem, there are many without frames. But on the side brands generous breasts, you will find, certainly, models tailored to your body, provided with fine whales or frames.
– Finally, who says lingerie big size obviously says panties high. This year, it came back in force for our greatest pleasure. Modernized with taste, you have no reason to be ashamed to wear it.

The essential trends and practices

Whatever the trends, the indispensable lingerie will always suit your morphology.

– High side, your best ally is the bra fitting. It is provided with frames or whales, and a cap that perfectly envelops your chest. To choose preferably with wide straps to not have back or shoulder hurts.
– Low side, nothing better than a shorty. Between the panties and the tanga, the latter marries your buttocks, while highlighting it without marking small curves.
– Shinning panties! We all remember this cult scene where Brigitte Jones is wearing a huge panties before fucking with Hugh Grant (the lucky one)! Know that today, there are very beautiful models fun, elegant and sexy … And between us, there is no better way to curve the curves of your thighs, wide hipsorround buttocks Colors and prints: what to choose for a big size lingerie stack in the trend?

This year, we finally change the eternal dark lingerie and we fall for the color! Indeed, the trend is with fresh and vitamin tints. The latter have no equal to illuminate the complexion and highlight the silhouette. Also, do not hesitate to go to electric blue, fuchsia, mustard yellow or saffron and even ultraviolet, the Pantone color of the year. For more discretion, crush for a spring pastel color palette: lilac, nude pink, peach, mint water … These colors match perfectly with lace models. Side details and prints, let loose on flowers, lurex and small romantic knots, which often give personality to a classic set.

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