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The best gift for your house: DTH

The best gift for your house: DTH

How about starting the new year with the best acquisition for your house – a new DTH connection?

You like to buy new things for the house often. Having it furnished properly and stocking it with useful things enhances the house’s beauty and value. You are careful to treat the house with respect and love, so you keep it clean and neat always. The moment a fixture or appliance shows signs of malfunctioning; you are prompt in getting it fixed at the earliest.

The point is, that your home is extremely important to you. You wish to make it prettier, and more useful for you and your family members. Besides, you make an expensive purchase for the house every year, especially during the festive time. You got a new plasma TV last year, and a wonderful home theatre system to go with it. But are you subjecting your exquisite TV to the travails of an ordinary cable network?

If you want to gift your house with something this year, let it be a new DTH connection.

Why choose a new DTH connection when you have cable?

For all intents and purposes, a cable connection can offer you TV channels to watch. But at what cost? It shows you all the channels listed on the network, whether you want to watch them or not. The picture quality leaves a lot to be desired. There are unexpected outages in the middle of important programmes and live sports matches. Though the connection comes with a set top box, it often malfunctions when you want to record important programmes. Many cable networks do not offer the facility to rewind, pause or record programmes, either.

Overall, you are forced to compromise on your TV viewing. Your brand new plasma TV and sound bar with the home theatre system are all laid to waste, simply because you’ve connected the set up to a cable network.

Try a new DTH connection and see the difference it makes to your TV viewing[1]. Your entire family will love watching their favourite shows, record programmes they miss, choose the channels they wish to see and revel in the superior sound and picture quality. Here’s what you stand to gain with a new DTH connection for your home[2]:

  • You get DVD quality video with the connection.
  • Leading service providers have designed the best possible DTH plans. These plans are affordable and all-encompassing, giving you the freedom to choose your programming at a price you will love.
  • The service provider will have one remote control for the TV set and the set top box. This single remote control is known as a universal remote control. It personifies ease of use, since you need to handle only one remote control instead of one per device.
  • Your new DTH connection offers you a huge variety of channels to choose from. The channels span different sectors and languages. There are HD channels to choose from as well.
  • Leading DTH providers keep adding more channels periodically, so you can always modify your current pack at a later date to include more channels.
  • You can choose a new pack whenever you wish.
  • Bill payment and recharge is easy when you have the service provider’s dedicated app on your phone.
  • There are no sudden outages or suspended programming. Looking for channels is also much easier, and the software loads rapidly when you switch on the set top box.
  • Leading service providers take care to see that you new DTH connection will not suffer transmission losses during heavy rainfall.



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