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The Value Of A Quantitative Market Study

Market Study

Overview of the objectives of the quantitative analysis of market research

The quantitative study of the market proves to be essential for any promoter who wants to succeed in the creation of a company. Through this process, it is possible to define all the steps to be followed in order to carry out any business. Its main objective is to enable a validation of the commercial attractiveness of the offer of products and services to the target. It is generally accompanied by a competitive analysis. This in order to stand out from the challengers and suggest the best activities to the customers. At this stage, it is proven that the proposal meets the expectations of the assignees. To do this, a consumer study is carried outby trying to approach them to the maximum to recommend them articles and benefits. This while measuring their reactions and behaviors, not forgetting to evaluate their purchasing habits. After synthesizing and reviewing all the information gathered, the right strategy can be adopted and a better business plan can be established.

How to carry out such a study?

Before embarking on the heart of the matter, certain preparations are carried out beforehand. It is important to choose the type of engagement to be harvested. The same applies to the method to be used. For example, we can opt for street-based collection. The telephone and the internet are also interesting ways to do this.

The way in which the offer is presented is defined. Entrepreneurs will have the choice between flyers, questionnaires, demonstrations, mini websites and why not a Facebook page. After the number of people to be interviewed, it is determined. A measure of the success or failure of the operation is also taken.

Once these parameters are decided, all that remains is to go down to the field, practice and evaluate the results. To make things easier, you can use the help of experienced professionals in the field.