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Things to Look Before Opting DevOps Foundation Certification and Benefits of Chef Course

DevOps Foundation Certification

It can be a blessing to your career, if you choose the course wisely and make the right choice of DevOps’s tools. Here, we will be helping you out with the checklist to go through before opting any DevOps Foundation Certification Course and will also be helping you with the right choice of tools course to go with it.

Checklist for selecting the DevOps Foundation Certification Course

  1. Go for a certification which acquires you some baseline knowledge. Go through the syllabus or content carefully. Go for a certification that provides real work.
  2. There are some certifications available, which already demands the DevOps Foundation Certificate so choose the right one for you.
  3. Opting for a vendor-backed certification could be a good option and is also valuable.
  4. Opting for some association backed certification is also good as they have an association of professionals. But going for an organization which nobody knows will lead your DevOps Foundation Certification to become of very little value.
  5. Choosing a vendor or association for your DevOps Foundation Certification, which is come under the Open Badge, will be the perfect choice, as open badge allows access to information about the issuer and the recipient.
  6. Check the value of the DevOps Foundation Certification. Don’t go for any new organization. Go for the trusted ones.

After you have decided on your DevOps Foundation Certification, also go for a training course or certification course for a tool that can go with it. We recommend you to go for the Chef course. Chef tool has many advantages, and having these two i. e; DevOps Foundation Certification and Chef Certification Course, will be a case of icing on the cake. Some Chef tool’s benefits are –

  1. Chef can accelerate the software delivery as it can quickly respond to the new requirements and conditions.
  2. The speed of delivery is not enough, you also need to increase resiliency. Chef tool can catch bugs and crashes before they occur and monitors for problems.
  3. Chef can is able to reduce the risk and improve compliance at every stage of development.
  4. Chef can also accelerate cloud adoption by automating your cloud infrastructure and handling routine manual actions.
  5. Chef can manage your data center and all your clouds at the same time.
  6. Chef can decrease the complexity to build and test all the way through delivering to monitoring to troubleshooting as well.

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