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Using DX Mail Could Save You Money

Using DX Mail Could Save You Money

Have you considered using an alternative method for post or do you find yourself using Royal Mail simply because that’s familiar and what you’ve always done?

DX Mail is an efficient, secure and highly cost effective closed mail network which consistently delivers on your promises.

Members subscribe to the service, pay the fees and utilise the trusted company’s experience and expertise. In their 40 years of operation in the U.K. and Ireland they have never suffered a strike, so DX can boast an enviable uninterrupted service which spans decades.

As a member of the mail network’s DX Exchange you’ll be able to send items of up to 25kg with guaranteed next day delivery, by 9a.m., and enjoy tracking facilities and delivery notifications. No stamps, manifests, franking or weighing tasks are required.

Send sensitive documents like legal papers and financial reports in full confidence that they will arrive at their destination by 9a.m. the next morning. DX offers a collection and delivery service to make your experience positive and complete. Collection from your premises can be as late as 5p.m. They’ll even take your Royal Mail post away too.

Alternatively, the blue DX mailboxes are widely distributed around the country, just place mail in them and collect items from them as necessary; they are secure. Larger deliveries are often in sacks, helpful for journeys to different floors or buildings.

DX Exchange has 25000 members who use unique identification numbers. For example, your business could be attributed the ID of Aldermaston 123456 and a client who is also using DX could be Norwich 234567. There’s no need for full addresses or postcodes and the member directory is easy to access and use.

Mailshots are easy to manage, and DX’s team can help you target the right members in the network.

DX DSA is a 2nd class mail service. Since the creation of downstream access, after the deregulation of the postal industry in 2000, DX was one of the operators awarded a licence to co-ordinate mail in 2011. Royal Mail still makes the final delivery, but DX are permitted to collect, sort and transport items closer to the destination. The choice to entrust mail to DX before Royal Mail as opposed to 100% Royal Mail has offered many customers a cost reduction for this essential business overhead.

Please talk to Eagle Consultancy Group, a leading business cost analysis specialist. The firm was originally created to work with clients who wished to monitor DX costs and savings.  DX analysis is facilitated via their Eagle Eye tool; the priority on ensuring accuracy and the levy of appropriate membership fees.

Having expanded to incorporate other business expense areas, their team has the skills and knowledge to assess costs associated to telecoms, utilities, franking machines and stationery, as well as DX, for a business’ financial benefit.

Almost every client that they have helped has seen cost improvements. They offer a no reduction no fee consultancy service so why not contact their friendly team about DX mail and cost monitoring today?

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