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What is a sales designer?

a sales designer

A sales designer is a professional kitchen designer. Real asset for your kitchen project it accompanies you from the design to the installation of your kitchen. Each of the Cuisine Plus designers follows a thorough training program integrating the techniques of layout, interior design and decoration.

He is an advisor

During your first visit to a Cuisine Plus store, you are welcomed by a sales designer. Its main mission is to understand and satisfy your needs while respecting your budget. You have to know that designing a kitchen is a complex project. This requires to be advised by an expert of the kitchen layout. When designing your kitchen, the Cuisine Plus designer will bring all his know-how, experience, tips, knowledge, etc.

He is an interior designer

Real kitchen professionals, our sales designers are trained to make tailor-made plans for your future kitchen. By going to your home, they will take precise measurements of your room and evaluate all the technical parameters (window, evacuation of water …). Your designer will ask you many questions about your project to determine how you live in your kitchen everyday. Following the measurement, the designer Cuisine Plus will propose a layout adapted to your room and your habits of use of your kitchen. In the lab lab®Cuisine Plus, you will combine endlessly the colors and materials to test and validate your final choice. He will also explain the different operations of our furniture (sliding, storage, glass enhancement, …).

He is an interior designer

The know-how of the designer seller is also expressed in the world of decoration: creating an atmosphere, colors of walls, choice of materials and accessories. He will accompany you in the aesthetic choices of your future room. Together you will personalize your kitchen to embellish it to reveal all its splendor.