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What Is The Role Of The Business Developer In A Startup?

The Business Developer

In the digital sector, the business developer controls the techniques of the products he sells, whether it is adserving / e-advertising (SEM, SEO, affiliation …), e-mailing (routing, deliverability, …), or website / mobile (design / user experience, HTML / Flash languages …), and ensures a watch on the evolutions of its market.

His missions

The business developer delimits its prospecting area (major accounts, middle market, TPE …) and develops sales pitch in relation to product marketing. In charge of competitive and technological intelligence, it identifies the leads generating contacts and analyzes the customer’s needs. It negotiates the contractual conditions and optimizes the revenue generated for the company before passing the file to the production teams. It manages the client’s commercial follow-up (points of progress, billing, etc.) and detects opportunities in terms of fertilization. End negotiator, he likes the numbers and win new customers. He also has an excellent relationship and convinces to showcase the company and its products. Paid 50/60 k €, for a junior, 60/80 k €, for a confirmed profile, and 80 k € and more, for a senior, he is a graduate of a business school (commerce or e-marketing) or holder of a 3 to Master 2 degree in commercial specialization. The business developer can become sales manager, key account manager or partnerships manager.

The business developer analyzes its market:
• It defines its prospecting field (large accounts, middle market, TPE …)
• It develops and appropriates the commercial argument in relation to product marketing
• It ensures a competitive and technological intelligence

It Chasse and adores the commercial prospection:
• It Identifies the contacts generating leads and studies the customer need
• It ensures the presentations (demonstration on site, remote …)
• It Negotiates and defines the contractual conditions in optic to optimize the margin conditions (CA generated) for the company
• It transmits the files to the project teams in charge of production.

Reporting and upselling:
• The business developer guarantees the achievement of the objectives of CA fixed to the degree of customer satisfaction wanted
• It ensures the commercial follow-up of the customer (points of progress, invoicing …)
• It Identifies the opportunities of escalations of accounts in a fertilization perspective

His competences

The business developer must master or have a very good knowledge of the technologies that it markets and carry out an active watch on the evolutions of its market.

He stands out for his talent as a negotiator, his appetite for numbers and the acquisition of new clients.At the relational level, the business developer must be tenacious and resistant: prospecting involves many negative answers that must not alter its motivation. Its contact must be easy, its communication clear and marked by a strong force of conviction to value and defend the assets of the company and its products.

Career development

The Business Developer can evolve into the positions of Commercial Director, Key Account Manager or Partnership Manager.