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What Roadmap To Launch Your Mobile Version?

Roadmap To Launch Your Mobile Version?

Switching to a mobile version of the site requires a few small adjustments that will make it possible to win on many tables: traffic gains, seo gains and growth drivers for your sales. Here is a simple roadmap for setting up quickly:

Some rules of content

  • Structure shorter titles, URLs, and meta descriptions
  • Split content into smaller parts, more convenient to read
  • Make paragraphs shorter, with a steady rhythm.
  • Prioritize engaging and useful content, and place it above the waterline so that it loads first.

Site Architecture

  • Allow the user to navigate content sections, and set aside those that are not important to him.
  • Do not neglect the input of structured data. The rich snippets are very useful on mobile, and improve the visibility of the pages.
  • Avoid using Flash, and do not overuse JavaScript, or intrusive pop-ups, PDF or computer graphics.

The importance of speed

  • The speed of loading a page is a much more important criterion on mobile than on desktop, because the capacities of the device as well as the connection are more often variable.
  • Attempt to reduce redirects and code
    Add caches for browsers
  • Optimize your images and videos.
  • Go for accelerated mobile Google pages (AMP)

Making the user experience enjoyable

  • Choose a font that is large enough not to force you to zoom in.
  • Check that the call to action and the links are airy enough to facilitate the click. Keep in mind that the fingers clog the view and are not as accurate as a mouse click.
  • Define clickable items and give the user the ability to easily return to the previous page.
  • Indicate the activated buttons and value the links so that they are monitored once clicked: in the case of a slow connection, this will prevent the user typing several times on the link thinking that they have not clicked correctly.
  • Keep in mind that tapping on a phone is slower than on a keyboard, and half of a screen is not visible during this operation. Hence the importance of simplifying as much as possible the interactions.
  • Create checklists and pre-fill forms to prevent the user from typing text. For e-commerce sites, Prioritize a very short conversion tunnel, which will limit the number of pages before arriving at the payment page.

These rules are of course adapted according to the needs and objectives of the mobile version to be set up. These small rules fit into a checklist to be set up during the testing phases of the launch of your mobile version.