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Why Buy Replacement Clark Parts?

We all love to save money. But sometimes the cost of buying products is just too high. When it comes to buying spare parts for your Clark equipment you have two options; buy genuine Clark replacement parts – buy generic OEM parts.

When we define OEM parts, we talk about parts that are manufactured by another company under another brand name. In layman’s terms, this means that a part normally made by Clark is also produced by any other company. The purpose of doing this is to offer the consumer a similar part at a lower cost. However, this is not always the best option. Sure, there are times when we recommend using OEM parts. But as certified technicians, we choose these parts only for areas of the truck that are not critical to its optimal performance.

Manufacturers often choose OEM to replace all elements of a truck, including filters, clutch, and other areas. This is not always the best decision.

 What Is the Best Clark Parts Option?

There really isn’t a one-stop shop answer. However, as a general rule, we feel that it is always best to buy genuine clark parts. Yes! We all know that genuine manufacturer parts are more expensive than the OEM version. Even so, we always recommend genuine parts, especially when it comes to the parts used for truck maintenance. The following are a few of the reasons we suggest customers make the higher expense.

Genuine Clark Parts Fit

Sometimes you will find that generic parts are made to fit a variety of different brands and models. This can cause a problem because that inexpensive OEM part may not give an exact fit for the truck. Even 5 or 6 mm of difference can give you a significant performance loss. And it may also mean you need to replace the part more often, which ultimately means a higher cost.

Higher Risk of Downtime

Clark made parts are specifically intended for the truck model and have better quality than OEM parts, so they last longer. When you use generic parts you risk the truck breaking down again for the same problem in a shorter period of time. Added to this, Clark makes parts with specific features that prolong the wear of the engine. Something that OEM parts just don’t do.

Keeps the Clark Parts Warranty Valid

When you have certified parts fitted by trained Clark technicians it helps keep your warranty valid. This is why we recommend customers choose our service for the support they need. It helps the truck keep its value and remain in good condition for a longer period of time.

Brand Products are Tested for Durability

Genuine parts are always tested and ensure the truck sticks to safety regulations. The parts also last longer. Every part is tested for stability and to ensure the truck can handle the load stress while braking and moving.

Best Clark Parts Maintenance Practices

It is always best to use brand made parts for routine maintenance changes. This prolongs the life of the vehicle but more importantly sustains its original performance. Using genuine parts prevents further break downs and additional maintenance costs. It also ensures the equipment meets all OSHA standards and regulations.

Original parts are usually more expensive, but they also offer improved value and performance for the equipment. These parts last longer and help the truck perform more efficiently. The use of original Clark parts helps prevent breakdowns and ensures the vehicle works reliably. If you have questions about the type of maintenance parts to use for your Clark equipment do not hesitate to call a Clark parts supplier. One of the Clark technicians will be glad to explain the difference and where you can use OEM parts and where you shouldn’t.

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