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World best online transport services

World best online transport services

You want to buy some items online, but the store doesn’t ship to your country? Or maybe the delivery options offered are simply too expensive? Are you looking for a smart way to transport just about everything and everywhere? If so, try using Clicktrans.

Regardless of whether you plan a house removal and need to transport all of your belongings across the county or you need to ship some items that don’t fit the dimensions specified by courier companies – in both cases Clicktrans will be a smart choice.

What’s Clicktrans? It’s an online transport marketplace – a website that helps people in need of transportation to find the right hauler. How does it work? Firstly, you list an offer for free (it takes about 2 minutes) – describe what needs shipping, specify pick-up date and the destination. And then… just wait for transport providers to start quoting. First quotes will likely appear on the same day you list your delivery. Once you see a quote that is acceptable, you can work out the details with the transport provider you accept his offer – and that’s all!

What can be listed on Clicktrans? Almost everything, especially loads too big to be shipped via post or courier. On Clicktrans you can find transportation for: cars, furniture, motorcycles, boats, industrial equipment, shipping containers, pallets, full truckloads and much more. Most of the deliveries listed on the platform couldn’t be shipped by regular courier, because of unusual dimensions and weight of the load.

Listing a delivery on Clicktrans is not only easy and convenient but often also cheaper than comparable services. How is it possible? Thanks to partial loads. Many of the transport providers registered on Clicktrans are looking for loads near routes they are going to travel anyway. If they find your listing this way and if your delivery will be just a part of their load you will pay considerably less for the service but maintain the high quality of the transportation.

When you find a transportation on Clicktrans, you contact directly the person who will be shipping your delivery. The direct contact can be crucial – especially when you have something fragile to ship. For example, you can specify conditions that have to be maintained during shipment (liketemperature or a way of securing the cargo) – something you wouldn’t be able to do when shipping via courier.

Clicktrans is an online transport marketplace that will allow you to transport just about anything. The company operates in Poland since 2010 and is dynamically growing ever since. It has been successfully operating not only in Poland but also in other European countries (UK, Germany and Spain). And if you’d rather transport your belongings on your own, you may visit company’s blog, where you’ll find useful tips about safe ways to transport various items. Register for free on and find out how much you’ll be able to save on shipping!

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