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You Prefer To Undertake Alone Or With Several

Alone Or With Several

It must be admitted that this type of decision is one of the most important for the future of your company.This will affect how it will be launched, managed and then developed.

 To make the most fair decision out the crystal ball

The dilemma can be solved by focusing on your priorities: for you the most important is to have power or to take advantage of the strengths, skills, finances of your associates? The idea is to make assumptions about how your project will evolve depending on the decision you make. This perspective will help you make the right decision. For example, you can decide in the articles of association that you will be the sole manager and that the other partners will only have an investor share in the project. If you are alone at 100% you will be the only master on board but will have less capital than if you are associate. So you have to analyze your market to see how fierce the competition is and how much you are able to make the weight if you are alone especially according to the capital contribution you will have by staying solo.

Finding partners to benefit from their competence … but also from their capital

If you have started your project on your own in the first years and your project is working but stagnating, you can partner to resell your shares and take advantage of additional sources of income to invest in the levers that will allow you to regain growth and why not better sell your business. The risk: that investors put you too much pressure if the results obtained do not satisfy them. The situation can be stretched and can lead to the dissolution and then the liquidation of the company. While taking the time to draft corporate statutes, including clauses and shareholders’ pacts, it is essential to keep control over a board of directors . Getting help from a company lawyer can be a good idea.

Found a team with diverse skills

The ideal beyond the agreement is to set up a team of managers with diverse skills and well-defined fields of activity: an engineer, a web developer, a salesman, a financier, a marketing manager, defined upstream this can make sparks.

As for the legal choice of the company, if you want to start alone, choose the EURL or the SASU . the first form is ideal for a company that you will launch at your own pace, with a simplified administrative part. you can opt for tax on the return and will be taxed on profits. The SASU is more suited for raising funds and capital inflows into the company. The president may be assimilated as an employee, he may choose his mode of taxation and will not at present have any social charges on the dividends.